AIR BRAKE COURSE Prices and Info

$250.00 1.5 day

$300.00 all in 1 day 3 spots only.

Subject to a minimum number of students must be registered.

Since�MAY 15 2012, the�Alberta Air Brake Endorsement Program underwent major changes.

There are really 3 parts to it now.

1. A day in Class 9am - 5pm. incl. breaks. �Each participant receives an Air Brake Manual and then spends 6 1/2 hours exploring air brake and related topics such as;

- Braking Fundamentals

- Air brake System

- Circuits

- System Failures

- Foundation Brakes

- Driving Tips

- Vehicle Inspections

In order to aid in your learning�, video, a powerpoint presentation�and a working�air brake system in the classroom are used as well as a tractor trailer for demonstration and inspection.

2. Next is�the practical part of the course by appointment � (2-3 hours) In and around a Tractor Trailer, testing the air brake system. 3:1� students : instructor ratio. Appointments are booked when you Register. They are available Thursday, Friday or �Saturday, �following the full class day if class is a Wednesday. When the 1 day option is booked, this practical commences after the day in class.

Observe and�do vehicle air brake�inspections as required daily on the job and required for�driver exams when you�use �airbrake equipped vehicles. Testing (practical) applies to this part of the course and when you pass you earn a document that allows you to attempt the final Air Brake Test at any Alberta Registry.

3. You must pass the multiple choice Exam at any Alberta registry after completing and passing�the classroom portion of the course and�the �practical session. in order to get the Q endorsement.

For more information or to register

Please call
(780) 672-2131�or

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